One of the most entertaining battle rappers today, Daylyt is a joy to watch on the mic as he spits powerful rhymes at his opponents. He has created a character that is engaging and provocative that his fans have taken a strong liking to. Not especially a shy type, Daylyt decided to shoot his shot in Young M.A.'s DMs, hitting her with a set of eye emojis to let her know he's got his eyes on her. Publicizing your thirst is an interesting move, but it's done in a comical way that has people tagging Young M.A. and hoping this becomes an actual thing.

Daylyt first came through with a tweet saying, "I don't know if this is gay or not   But Yung ma low key bad...  I'd smash on crip." The L.A. native continued to lust over M.A., posting a photo of the two on Instagram and captioning, "From the day we layed [sic] eyes on each other I know it was something special.... I'ma do everything I can to get her to be my kingqueen ...just imagine what our kids would look like..."

It doesn't appear as though Young M.A. will be entertaining the offer of love as she posted a clip on the same social media medium telling people to "cut that weirdo sh-t out" and to stop tagging her in posts. While it's unclear if she's directly referring to the Daylyt situation, we can't think of any other "weirdo sh-t" that fans could be tagging her in.