The feud between Kanye West and Long Beach legend Daz Dillinger seems to be escalating at an aggressive rate. Yesterday, it was reported that Dillinger called for a "national alert," banning Kanye from California and encouraging Crip members to "fuck him up" if they see him. Today, it was reported that Kanye had filed a restraining order against Dillinger, and that the police were eyeing Dillinger due to his threats. 

Now it appears that the police may have made their move in attempting to question Dillinger about the whole affair. In an Instagram video posted today, Dillinger is seen walking down the street, passing several police vehicles on the way. He mentions that the police stopped him in the street, and asked him about Kanye. Luckily for Dillinger, he was "blessed," and didn't have anything on him that could have resulted in an arrest.

Dillinger then doubles down on his original intentions, saying, "Let the smashing and dashing begin." What he means by that is left vague, but Daz seems serious about this, so whatever it is, it's probably bad news for Kanye. He also brings the Kardashians into the mix, asking if Kanye's mother-in-law and Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, called the cops on him. 

Dillinger captioned the post, "THA CRIP GOD @dazdillinger STOP 🛑 BY THE COP FOR KANYE RANT THANKS @tmz_tv @krisjenner â™¿ï¸ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­."

Here's hoping that nothing serious actually comes from this beef, but at this rate is seems that anything could happen. You can check out Daz Dillinger's Instagram video below.