The DC Universe has been a bit quiet as of late. Considering its main competitor Marvel has been killing the box-office with the release of Avengers: Endgame, the folks behind the Batman franchise have somewhat taken a seat on the backburner. And although we are still expecting the new Joker film to drop, DC thought it best to continue with its creative output to remind Marvel that the competition remains. Accordingly, new reports by Complex revealed that the production company just dropped a new trailer for an upcoming horror series. This evidently differentiates from DC's usual output, but nevertheless is intriguing. 

The trailer is for the upcoming series Swamp Thing. The underlying synopsis brings the main character Abby Arcane at the center of an investigation wherein individuals are falling fatally ill due to a virus believed to be born in the town's swamp. As Arcane attempts to use her thorough medical knowledge to get to the bottom of things, she finds herself entangled in quite the conundrum as she realizes the swamp holds mystical powers and terrifying secrets. Moreover, upon discovering the presence of a dangerous creature in the swamp's remains, the medical professional quickly realizes that no one is safe.  

The series, directed by the masterminds behind Saw and The Conjuring, is set to premiere on May 31st.