Toosii and DDG don't have the strongest opinions of one another, getting caught up in some beef over Rubi Rose earlier this year. All three of the rappers were named to the XXL Freshman list this year, but it looks like they'll also be getting involved in a celebrity boxing match aside from the expected freestyles and cyphers.

Following DDG's impressive showing against Nate Wyatt a few weeks ago, he appears to be targeting Toosii for his next match-up, agreeing to face off against the rapper on social media.

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

"I need a boxing match set up," wrote Toosii on Twitter this weekend. When he caught wind of the post, DDG couldn't help but tease his second boxing fight, offering to humble the "Love Cycle" artist. "Did somebody say box?" asked DDG in response. "Let's set it up," responded Toosii.

After Lil Baby, Blueface, and others vocalized their interest in getting involved in the celebrity boxing wave, it looks like we've found the next match-up to get excited about. Considering DDG won his fight a few weeks ago, he may be the favorite going into his next match. Do you think Toosii has it in him to take on the former YouTuber though?

Which celebrity boxing match are you most looking forward to?