It seems like every single week a new blockbuster superhero movie comes along and shatters some huge box office record. The latest in the long line of Marvel movies to completely crush at the box office is Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the insane, fourth wall-breaking, X-men affiliate.

Deadpool 2, which was released in theaters yesterday, was already earned upwards of $53.3 million, placing it firmly at the top spot for biggest opening day ever for an R-rated film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While the record was previously held by Stephen King's clown monster epic, It, which made $50 million on its first day, the record before that was actually held by the original Deadpool, which opened to $46 million its first day.

The public's appetite for super hero antics never tires, and Deadpool 2 is currently on track to beat the original for the biggest opening weekend ever. Released in 2016, the first Deadpool grossed a whopping $132.4 million on its first weekend. While that's no Infinity War, Deadpool 2 may entirely surpass it, as some analysts are predicting a worldwide gross over $350 million this weekend for the sequel.

The film finds Deadpool assembling a team of mutants who are attempting to stop the time-travelling Cable, played by Josh Brolin, who, as you may know, played Thanos in Infinity War. If Hollywood should learn any lesson from this summer, it's that putting Josh Brolin in your superhero movie will guarantee you hundreds of millions of dollars on opening weekend.

Have you seen Deadpool 2 yet, or do you like your superheroes more serious?