Of the debuts at the box office this weekend, Deadpool 2 was the most popular by far. Breaking records on the domestic box office for the biggest R-rated premiere on opening day, the flick had the potential to be even raunchier than it was. While the Deadpool series strives on being an anti-hero superhero movie, fans have gravitated to the films for their lewd humor. According to the director of the film, David Leitch, we almost got to see Deadpool travel back in time to change the course of history, putting an end to World War II and killing baby Hitler.

While the scene was ultimately not included in the post-credit sequence, Leitch explained that the outcome of DP's visit to Hitler visit was left open for interpretation as the deed is not outwardly shown. "We sort of leave it open to the audience," told the director to Esquire, "And that’s what I love about that scene is, because it really makes you think about the character and who Deadpool is, and what was the moral of the story we just told you. And now we’re applying it to this crazy situation. And here we are standing with the potential to change history and it’s like, How are we going to change it?"

Leitch notes that the scene was left out in order for moviegoers to leave the experience on a proper note as they searched for the perfect parting shot. While it did not make the cut for the premiere, it may be included on the Blu-ray version as a deleted scene. Read our spoiler-free review here.