Deadpool is known for his affinity for the late actress Bea Arthur, most known for her role as Dorothy on the classic 80s sitcom "Golden Girls," and in an effort to thank the viewers for their support of the most recent "Deadpool 2" outing, fans have been gifted with a special twist of the television show. As opening credits flash through, the familiar “Thank You For Being A Friend” theme song plays along in a new promotional video orchestrated by the 20th Century Fox studios.  While seemingly insignificant, the gesture is warranted as moviegoers have helped "Deadpool 2" reel in over $500 million USD worldwide since its debut last weekend.

The film bowed with a record-breaking preview gross on its Thursday opening, bringing in $18.6 million, the most for any R-rated movie, topping the $13.5 million mark set by It last year.

This weekend though, the film experienced a larger than expected plunge of 66% in its second weekend as it went up against the opening weekend for the latest Star Wars installation "Solo," earning $42.7 million. The drop is currently matched by the same drastic decline experienced by "Godzilla" back in 2014 under similar circumstances, underperforming despite the high hopes that comes with an extended Memorial Day weekend. Nonetheless, a budget of around $110 million means that the flick has already cashed in big and that’s more than enough to be grateful for.