Big news came out of the NFL today as JJ Watt officially signed with the Arizona Cardinals on a two-year deal worth $31 million. Watt is one of the best defensive players in the NFL and after parting ways with the Houston Texans just a couple of weeks ago, fans were wondering where he would go. In the end, he chose to be in the NFC West where there are a ton of elite quarterbacks to go out and feast on.

The Cardinals also just so happen to boast the talents of DeAndre Hopkins, who Watt got to play with during his Texans days. These two used to love playing with one another and as you can imagine, Hopkins is excited to have Watt back on his team. Taking to Twitter, Hopkins posted a video of Future from the "Life Is Good" music video, which was essentially his way of saying how he felt about the move.

This signing is huge for the Cardinals as they are a team that is currently on the up and up. Kyler Murray and Hopkins found a lot of chemistry last season and with Watt on the defensive side of the football, this is a team that is destined to do some big things.

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JJ Watt & DeAndre Hopkins

Scott Halleran/Getty Images