It is with a heavy heart that the truth must be declared -- the glory days of hip-hop video games are over. Gone is the time for 50 Cent: Bulletproof. No more will we see the likes of Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style. And most importantly, the crowning achievement in rap-related gaming, the Def Jam series, is but a memory burnt into the minds of nostalgic gamers. Who doesn't have fond feelings for Def Jam: Vendetta, or the magnum opus of the genre, Def Jam: Fight For New York? Even Icon, maligned by many as a deviation from what made its predecessors so great, has a cult following. 

Despite it being over ten years since we last saw a Def Jam game, the label hasn't exactly stopped stoking the fires of hype. In 2018, they once again began teasing a return to the series, though that road appeared to lead straight to nowhere. Still, the hopeful optimists never let the fire die -- and perhaps their vigilance will ultimately be rewarded. A few days ago, Def Jam once again took to Twitter to tease a return to the beloved series, writing "The streets saying we need a new Def Jam game."

If that wasn't enough, they also implored fans to run the follower count to a million, where the reward would be an announcement -- an announcement that has yet to come, despite the goal being met. Of course, it may be naive to hope for a next-generation Def Jam fighting game, though the time really has never been better. Think about the sheer volume of outlandish hip-hop characters, not to mention storied OGs who would relish in digitally beating down the new generation of rap stars.

Between the potential roster, the customization options, and the implementation of online play, it feels like a new Def Jam game would be a surefire success -- provided it could retain the spirit of Fight For NY.  What say you -- would you be interested in a new Def Jam title? And who would you want to see make an appearance?