Every athlete has their own little routine before they play a game. Some players will eat the same thing prior to matches while others need to get a very specific amount of sleep. While superstitions are nothing new in professional sports, some athletes go above and beyond with them and as it turns out, Deion Sanders is one of those players.

Sanders was infamous for being a two-sport athlete. He was a superstar on the Atlanta Falcons and as he explained on Instagram yesterday, his pre-game routine was nothing short of insane. In fact, Sanders used to lay out his jersey in front of his locker, wore boxers with $ signs, watch VHS tape, and would even avoid his teammates altogether. There are actually nine steps to his pre-game routine which are all laid out below.

Considering how good of a player Sanders was, it's clear that his routine worked out for him. Everyone has their own little way of getting into the zone and sometimes, you have to go to drastic measures in order to make sure you're ready for any given game. Interestingly enough, Sanders didn't explain his baseball routine although we can imagine it was fairly similar.

For those in the comments section who claim to be great athletes, what does your pre-game routine look like?