If it wasn't already clear by now, Dej Loaf is all about being 'liberated.' She just dropped a track today titled, "Liberated" featuring Leon Bridges, and her upcoming album will share that title as well. 

In an effort to help others feel as 'liberated' as she is, Dej went to her Instagram to make a very generous offer. In yellow text on a black background, she wrote, "On June 8th, I am helping people get liberated. Visit New York City Hall to have your marriage license cost covered by me." She continues by writing, "Love Wins When #PeopleGetLiberated," and captioning the post with "LIBERATED 6/8 🏳️‍🌈."

There are many different forms of entrapment in modern society, but one of the largest and most harmful is being stuck in poverty. A marriage license in New York State only costs $40, but for people who can barely get by on what wages they have, $40 can make quite a difference. The rainbow flag in the caption also alludes to gay marriage, which not that long ago was illegal in America. She doesn't expand on her motivations really, but perhaps her motivations will be better explained in her new music. 

While the upfront costs of a single marriage license isn't huge by normal standards, there's no telling how many people will be willing to take advantage of Dej's generosity, which could potentially lead to a pretty hefty donation. Regardless, this is clearly a purposeful gesture for her, and it's a generous one at that. Check out the details of Dej Loaf's liberation quest down below.