LeBron James was perhaps his most dominant during his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers between 2014 and 2018. James helped turn the Cavaliers into contenders every single season as he led them to four-straight NBA Finals. Seemingly every single year, LeBron got to take on the Toronto Raptors in the postseason. Each and every time, LeBron's Cavs would decimate the Raptors, leaving some fans to call the city "LeBronto." DeMar DeRozan was on the losing ends of these battles, so he knows just how good LeBron can be.

While speaking to JJ Redick on the Pelicans star's podcast, DeRozan spoke about LeBron, noting that he is extremely tough to beat and that almost no one in the league has been able to touch him. DeRozan also went on to say that it's truly impressive to see LeBron thriving in the Western Conference after having spent 15 seasons in the East.

DeRozan is currently on the San Antonio Spurs, who aren't exactly the franchise they used to be. Upon entering the NBA bubble, the Spurs quickly lost out on their playoff hopes, with LeBron and the Lakers eventually going to the NBA Finals.

On Friday, LeBron will have a chance to win his fourth title and prove just how dominant of a force he really is.