The Toronto Raptors have elected to bypass the customary White House visit, customary to championship-winning teams in North America. The decision was rendered by Danny Green during a recent podcast, in which he stated, "I just don't think that we accept. I try to respect everybody in every field that they do regardless of how crazy things are but [Trump] makes it really hard."

While Green's opinion doesn't equate to an official statement, he is by all accounts, a respected leader in the Raptors' and for that reason, his word should be taken as bond. Mind you, there are a few variables in play here. For one, does a Canadian factor into the equation, shouldn't they be visiting their own head of state, theoretically-speaking.

Secondly, Danny Green isn't signed to the Raptors beyond July the 1st. so in a sense, he can't reasonably speak in such terms, until he's readmitted to the fold. Either way, Green was instrumental in helping the Raptors capture their inaugural title, and is therefore entitled to his speaking platform, despite the outlying factors I just listed. 

While not openly accounted for in the public eye, DeMar DeRozan's opinion is certainly doted on by his former teammates., due to the inextricable role, he played in developing the team's winning culture from the ground up.

Today, DeRozan was asked to comment on the Raptors' decision to skip out on Donald Trump - and simply put, he responded, "Sh*t, I wouldn't go, either!" So, if ever the Raptors were looking for a second opinion, they know where to find it: in the most genuine character to ever don the Raptors' black, purple, gold, red and whatever alternate color scheme comes next.