This year's NBA All-Star Game has been controversial for a whole plethora of reasons. Among these reasons is the fact that there have been a lot of deserving players who have missed out on the game. For instance, it took Devin Booker an injury to be named to the game, only for himself to get an injury, which allowed Mike Conley of the Utah Jazz to enter the festivities. 

Conley's inclusion has already led to some detractors, as there are plenty of fans who believe Conley shouldn't be there. In fact, fans are curious as to why DeMar DeRozan was snubbed, especially when you consider how he has better stats than Conley in almost every single category. Not to mention, DeRozan is the main star of his team while Conley is a third option on the Jazz. 

DeRozan actually ended up commenting on the whole controversy as he was clearly upset about being snubbed.

"Gets to a point where you just gotta laugh at the bullshit," DeRozan said. Given everything DeRozan has been through over the last few years, this was definitely a huge snub, and it's curious as to why the NBA would so blatantly leave him off of the roster.

Hopefully, this doesn't discourage DeRozan too much, and he can continue having a productive season with his Spurs.

DeMar DeRozan

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images