Sports fans can get pretty rowdy when it comes to their hometown team and no fanbase embodies this more than the Toronto Raptors these days. The Raptors have the weight of an entire country on their shoulders and on Monday, they were looking to win their first ever NBA championship. In the end, the Warriors pulled through and forced a Game 6. Part of the reason why they won was the first quarter performance of Kevin Durant who returned from injury. He had 11 points in the first frame although he ended up reinjuring his leg and had to be helped off the court.

In the immediate aftermath of his injury, Raptors fans erupted in cheers, although it's debatable whether or not the cheers were directed at the Warriors misfortune. The fans ended up cheering for KD as he walked off the court, but that didn't stop Warriors players like Steph Curry sounding off on Raptors fans. DeMarcus Cousins also had some words for the Raptors faithful that was less than complimentary.

"Trash. So trash. Like I said, we're only idolized as superstar athletes. Not human beings," Cousins said.

The Warriors will have another opportunity to stick it to Raptors fans on Thursday as Game 6 goes down in Oakland. Should the Warriors win, they will force a Game 7 in Toronto.