The Golden State Warriors pulled off a 128-100 win over the New York Knicks on Friday night. The victory was well earned, but somehow DeMarcus Cousins still felt some type of way. As reported by ESPNthe rehabilitating NBA star was ejected while sitting in plain clothes on the bench for trading remarks with Enes Kanter. 

A source told ESPN's Marc Spears that Cousins and Kanter were trash-talking each other during pre-game workouts. Taking notice, the NBA warned the officials to watch the interaction between the two players for the remainder of the night. Referee Scott Foster was the official that ejected Cousins. "Kanter and Cousins were both warned prior to the ejection about talking to the bench," Foster told reporters after the game. "Cousins took exception to the ruling and during the timeout he was ejected for one technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct." Warriors coach Steve Kerr stated that he needed time to speak with Cousins to see what really happened. 

"I did check with Scott [Foster]," Kerr stated after the game. "He said he had warned [Cousins], I think he was jawing with maybe Kanter, I think, and then I asked Scott and he said [the ejection] was because he had already warned him and then he kept going at Scott, I guess, so I'll talk to him about it. I got to hear from DeMarcus what happened and we'll talk it out." Two technical fouls usually warrant an ejection, but officials felt that just one for a benched player was enough in this case.