DeMarcus Cousins started his career with the Sacramento Kings and while he had some dominant seasons, he had a tumultuous relationship with his head coach, George Karl. The Kings never had much success with Cousins as their star but he definitely made them watchable. Cousins' stressed relationship with Karl was certainly a major storyline over the past decade and now that Cousins is on a different team, he can speak freely about his tenure with the struggling franchise.

During an appearance on the All The Smoke podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Cousins was asked about his relationship with Karl and what his true thoughts were on the head coach. Based on his answer, it's clear that he doesn't exactly have the fondest memories of the man.

“One of the worst coaches I’ve ever had," Cousins said. “Incredible mind. He’s just the worst coach. It’s just everything that comes with it.” Despite the negativity, at least Cousins had at least one compliment for his former coach.

As of right now, Cousins is without a team although he has been working out with the Los Angeles Lakers while he rehabs his ACL injury. It appears as though the team could sign him in the offseason once he gets healthy although that remains to be seen.