DeMarcus Cousins was supposed to go on a redemption tour of sorts this year as he signed a short term deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. After years of consistent injuries, Cousins was given an opportunity to show people what he can do and potentially get himself a max deal somewhere else next season. Unfortunately, an ACL injury has sidelined him for what could be the entire year. Despite his absence, Cousins has been making his presence felt and in a report from Bill Oram of The Athletic, Cousins' teammates have been giving him high praise.

“He’s just been a great guy for us, being around the team,” Anthony Davis said. “Even though he’s not able to play, he’s always involved in practices and shootarounds and stuff like that as much as he can.”

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Haute Living

Rajon Rondo knows exactly what kind of guy Cousins is and said he's not surprised to see the big man being such a great teammate from the sidelines. Just like Cousins, Rondo's reputation has followed him throughout the league so if anyone is sensitive to Cousins' plight, it would be Rondo. 

“He’s a great person all around,” Rondo said. “Great teammate, it’s my third year playing with him so it’s not anything new to me.”

With a record of 15-2, the Lakers are showing they can dominate the floor without him although if he was in the lineup, the team would be that much deadlier.