Demi Lovato was spotted on a sushi date with a friend in Los Angeles this past weekend. Fans were happy to see the singer looking healthy while hanging out in the regular world. She has also reappeared on social media to encourage US citizens to vote. These occurrences led many to believe that the "Sober" star was officially out of rehab but her treatment is ongoing.

The celebrity is taking one step at a time to ensure the success of her recovery. As such, Lovato is currently splitting time between a halfway house and her actual home. She stays at the halfway house 3 days a week, where she is surrounded by medical professionals and people who can relate to her experience with drug abuse and addiction.

Demi is resuming her normal life 4 days out of the week when she stays in her private home. Her new normal includes running errands, heading to the gym and staying away from drugs. She also has the support of a sober coach available to her 24/7. This help is supplemented with her attendance at AA meetings.

Seems like Demi's life is getting back on track, accompanied by a male friend who seems to make her happy.