With Demi Lovato reportedly getting out of the hospital any day now, details continue to break out about her reported overdose. The singer and entertainer has been very ill in the hospital for over a week after initially being admitted and now, she's apparently feeling a little better on her road to recovery. In an attempt to make her as comfortable as possible, her family chose not to discuss rehab possibilities with her until now, to which she has apparently agreed. While that's amazing news in terms of her recovery, the situation definitely seemed dire as when she was found in her home, her assistant reportedly believed she was dead.

Demi Lovato could very well have passed away after overdosing, says TMZ, as her assistant allegedly screamed "She's dead! She's dead!" when she found her. When her bodyguard rushed in, it appeared as though she was not breathing and they had found blood on her pillow, evidence of hemorrhaging. The publication is also writing that there was vomit clogging her airways when she was found. Her security helped keep Demi alive while paramedics drove over, administering first aid and propping her up in an attempt to clear her airways. 

Of course, the severity of the situation was not heard over the phone in the 911 call that was released days ago. The woman on the other end of the call was extremely calm, asking for sirens to be turned off to focus on the pop star's privacy. We will keep you updated on the status of her recovery. Be well, Demi.