Ice Cube has been making headlines of late, following the news that the Republican party had invited him to discuss his CWBA (Contract With Black America) guidelines; for those unaware about Cube's CWBA, be sure to check out our extensive breakdown on the topic right here. In response, many accused Cube of throwing in with Donald Trump, a narrative that swiftly gained enough momentum for Eric Trump to chime in with a celebratory photoshopped picture.

Cube wasted little time in distancing himself from any political alignment, claiming that his Republican link-up only occurred because the Democrats asked him to wait until after the upcoming Election. Now, however, Biden campaign co-chair Representative Cedric Richmond has come forward to dispel Cube's accusation, doing so during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show.

Ice Cube

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Let me be crystal clear," begins Richmond, speaking about Cube's claim that the Democrats had asked for a delay in talks. "That did not happen." He proceeds to detail a meeting he had with Cube, praising the rapper for his initiative prior to criticizing some of his later actions. "I like the fact that Ice Cube is getting engaged in policy," he continues. "I think that is a good thing, however, once you embark on getting into it, one, you have to be truthful, but two, you have an obligation, I think, to see it through and to be thorough with it."

He explains that, as he sees it, Cube's CWBA plan was more "skeletal" in nature, especially when compared to the Democrats' own "comprehensive" alternative. "Our plan is very thorough," he states. "I won't say he has a skeleton plan, but he has an outline of things, he has an outline of things that should be done. It's not as comprehensive as our plan. And so that's what we told him. The offer to stay engaged was not, 'we'll talk to you after the election.' It went like this: 'Here's my cell number, anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think, you know, we need to talk about further, just pick up the phone and call.'"

"Look, him giving Donald Trump his plan and talking about why his plan is important to him, I don’t think that’s a bad thing," explains Richmond. "I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. He’s not endorsing Donald Trump, however, you know, he does give credibility to Donald Trump's ridiculous plan." Given how many used Cube's words as ammunition against the Democratic party, it's no wonder they're looking to rewrite some of the narratives currently plaguing the party. As of this moment, Ice Cube has yet to respond to Cedric Richmond's claims.

Check out the full interview right here.