Orange County California has been a Republican haven for decades. Prior to 2016, Orange County voted for a Republican presidential candidate every election year since 1936. Hillary Clinton was the first Democratic candidate to win the county since Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for his second term. In-N-Out Burger, the popular west coast restaurant that is headquartered in Orange County, recently donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. Journalist Gabe Schneider found the official filing and posted it on Twitter.

In response, California Democratic Party chairman Eric Bauman called for an In-N-Out boycott. According to LA Magthe burger based fast food chain donated $30,000 per year to the GOP in 2017 and 2016. "Et tu In-N-Out? Tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican Party," wrote Bauman on Twitter. "It’s time to #BoycottInNOut - let Trump and his cronies support these creeps." Much like Chick-fil-a, In-N-Out Burger is known for their Christian views (In-N-Out has printed nods to Bible verses on their merchandise). As with many large corporations that flaunt how their business goals intermingle with their Christian views, In-N-Out has been known to lean right. The burger joint only exists in six states at the moment: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.