When Donald Trump was impeached in late 2019, he was ultimately acquitted during his trial in January 2020 after the entire Republican party -- save for Mitt Romney -- voted for acquittal. Now, all signs point to the possibility of another impeachment for the sitting President, though Democrats are hoping that he'll resign willingly. While Trump's Presidency is coming to an end on January 20th, when President-elect Joe Biden is set to take over in a transfer of power, it would appear that the Democrats seeking to fast-track the road to impeachment should it indeed come to that. 

Win McNamee/Getty Images

CNN reports that the goal is to set up a vote in the Senate at some point next week, a move that follows Nancy Pelosi's warning that the impeachment process would ensue should he refuse to step down willingly. "The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous," Pelosi explained, as per a report from CBC. "If the President does not leave office imminently and willingly, Congress will proceed with our action." 

Trump was first impeached over accusations that he had used his Presidential power to persuade the Ukrainian president to launch an investigation into Joe Biden. This time, the accusations surround the recent storming of the Capitol building and Donald Trump's role in inciting his supporters. CNN claims that one of the main accusations in this latest article of impeachment is an "incitement of insurrection." A second report notes that impeachment is not the Democrats' preferred course of action, given that doing so would inevitably bleed into the beginning of Joe Biden's presidency. Pelosi implored Mike Pence, who recently found himself on the receiving end of Trump's scorn, to invoke the 25th amendment and remove him from power before further damage can be done. 

As it stands, Democrats feel that Trump must be held responsible for his role in stoking the violence that ultimately lead to the death of five people. Still, they recognize the challenges that would arise should they indeed move to pursue another impeachment trial, especially in the wake of Joe Biden's desire to unite the country. When asked about the possibility of impeachment, Biden looked to the will of Congress to make the call. 

Look for this one to develop further next week, when a decision as to whether or not a second impeachment trial will take place is likely to be made.