Dennis Quaid has been an esteemed actor for decades. His fame began in the late 70's, with roles in films such as Breaking Away and Our Winning Season. Quaid was able to capitalize off his hot streak and continued to take leaps and bounds forward in his career. Meg Ryan and Quaid got married in the early 90's, and became Hollywood's power couple for years before their divorce in 2000. In a recent interview with British publication The TimesQuaid spoke candidly about the divorce, and also his drug addiction. 

“I would do coke and I would use alcohol to come down,” Quaid stated. He admitted that he did 2 grams of cocaine a day during the height of his addiction. “I liked coke. I liked it to go out…I had one of those white-light experiences where I saw myself being dead and losing everything I had worked for my whole life. So I put myself in rehab.” Although he gave up alcohol for ten years, Quaid admitted that he began drinking again. “I started drinking again because alcohol was never my problem. I never liked the feeling of being drunk.” 

Jana Birchum/Getty Images

Quaid also compared divorce to death. "I think what divorce does is, it takes away your identity," he said. "It's like death." Good thing he had Bill Clinton to help him drown his sorrows. "When it was announced that Meg and I were getting a divorce, he called me from Air Force One," the actor revealed. "He was over the Atlantic right after Palestinian talks had collapsed. I don't know how he found me, but he did. He just wanted to let me know he was thinking of me."