Questions over Nick Young dismissal won't persist for much longer. But you can't take one thing away from Swaggy P: wherever he goes the locker room stands right by him, except in the case of D'Angelo Russell,  but that's another story. This afternoon, the Denver Nuggets organization did away with Nick Young after 20-odd days of service with the team. 

Swaggy P was signed as a plug while rotational regulars recovered from short-term injuries. Needless to say, Young did what was required of him like a true professional, suiting for 4 games in relief, posting averages of 2.3 points in 9.3 minutes of play. His waiver exception was stipulated in the liner notes of his contract. It's something NBA teams refer to as an "injury hardship exception."

The Nuggets' president of basketball operations Tim Connelly nevertheless to the time to thank Swaggy P for bringing the cheer for the better part of December. "We want to thank Nick for coming to Denver on such short notice to give us some relief with our injury issues," Connelly expressed in a press release. "He immediately fit in with our group and did everything that was asked of him by being the great teammate and consummate pro that he is."