It would appear that Denzel Curry and The Flatbush Zombies have officially decided to channel their inner TheSaurus & Illmaculate. On November 16th, Denzel will face off against the combined forces of Erick Arc Elliott, Zombie Juice, and Meechy Darko in a live rap battle. The Flatbush Zombies took to Twitter to share the event, promising a "hardcore, no holds barred death match," in which the rulebook is essentially defenestrated.

The event, which is presented by Red Bull Music, is set to transpire at Florida's Magic City Innovation District, giving Denzel the home field advantage. Fair, considering he'll be squaring off against three formidable opponents. True, his energy generally transcends the scope of a singular presence, though you might be able to say the same about Meechy Darko. In any case, the match-up speaks volumes about Denzel Curry's reputation; line em' up, as they say.

It's unclear whether this will follow the acapella format championed by the iconic World Rap Championships or King Of The Dot, but we can only hope so. Hearing Denzel and the Zombies try their hand at "battle rap" would be a legendary event to witness. Who are you putting your money on?