Denzel Curry & J.I.D. Make Social Commentary On "SIRENS_Z1RENZ"

Mitch Findlay
July 26, 2018 09:49

Two of hip-hop's best and brightest join forces on "SIRENS."

In what we can only hope becomes a recurring pattern, Denzel Curry and J.I.D. have linked up to deliver some fire. Known throughout wizened circles as two of hip-hop's most talented up-and-comers, the lyricists have helped preserve a spark of optimism among even the more ardent cynic. Together, they came through to drop "SIRENS_Z1RENZ," the closing chapter of TA13OO's second act. Joined by Billie Eilish, the parties take to a creeping, melancholic instrumental, delivering social commentary in a refreshingly subtle manner. At least, lyrically.

The video is another story altogether. Taking on a blatant political angle, "SIRENS" is made up entirely of real-world footage; Donald Trump, KKK rallies, police dashcam footage, grieving parents, and more. It's interesting to see Denzel throw his voice into the political discourse, though it might have been nice to see him, J.I.D, and Billie make an actual appearance in the clip. Still, "SIRENS" remains a powerful montage, and a cruel reminder of the tumultuous state of current affairs.

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