Earlier this year, Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats set things off with their first collaboration album Unlocked, a surprise experimental drop that quickly garnered acclaim for both parties. And considering that the pair weren't exactly on the best terms prior to its creation, the chemistry found throughout is all the more impressive. So much so that some have declared Kenny to be the quintessential producer for Denzel, to the point where an Unlocked 2 has been in heavy demand from the fans.

Denzel Curry

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Today, Denzel took to Twitter to stage an impromptu Ask Me Anything, and it didn't take long before Unlocked 2 (or some variation of it) to be raised as a topic of interest. Though Denzel did not confirm a direct sequel, he did affirm that "Me and Kenny got something coming," preferring to keep it as cryptic as possible for the time being. The fate of fan-favorite mixtape Nostalgia 64 was also discussed, with Denzel confirming that sample issues led to its removal from streaming services.


In an interesting turn, Curry reveals that he was actually supposed to collaborate with A$AP Rocky, though that fell through when Flacko removed him from the song altogether. "Was about to happen but unfortunately he took me off a song cause me and Purrp got cool," explains Curry. A shame really, as Curry and Rocky would have sounded quite effective as a duo. It seems as if Rocky felt some type of way about Denzel squashing his SpaceGhostPurpp beef, unsurprising given the producer's disrespectful energy toward the A$AP Mob member.

Check out some of Zeltron's answers below, and sound off. Do you think Rocky was out of line for removing Denzel Curry from their collaboration?