Denzel Curry has never been one to bite his tongue, opting to speak his mind regardless of the consequence. And during a recent Q&A session on his Twitter page, a few of his comments and takes ultimately left a fanbase or too in their feelings. Namely, that of Travis Scott, whom Denzel accused of harboring a "funky attitude." 

Denzel Curry Travis Scott

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Image

When someone cited a rumor that he was slated to appear on Astroworld, Denzel confirmed that he was never actually lined up to work with Travis, though both parties had coincidentally received the same beat. Clearly, Zel isn't exactly thrilled about La Flame in general, though he neglected to share specifics behind his reasoning. Either way, it didn't take long for Denzel to find himself in the bad books of several Travis Scott Stans, many of whom presumably felt some type of way about the slight. 

Today, Denzel took to Twitter to brush off some of the backlash, maintaining that he was simply speaking honestly. "Lol people really mad about me keepin it real about their favorite artist," he reflects. "They actin like I DDT Their grandma or sumn. I got stans and ni*gas with no hairline coming at me about their favorite rapper. So dafuck what." Clearly, he's about as unfazed as it gets, though it's uncertain as to whether Travis Scott's loyal followers will let him off the hook so easily. 

In the meantime, Denzel Curry opted to offer a potential solution. "Let’s Start a boxing league for rappers that don’t like each other," he writes, all but confirming that he's ready, willing, and able to stand by anything he says. Check out his comments below, and sound off -- do you think Travis Scott and Denzel Curry should hash this one out in the ring?