Denzel Curry may have just released one of the best hip-hop albums of the year, but his mind is still on the future. Since coming into the industry, Curry has pushed the boundaries of what people expect to hear on a record. His skill has forced critics and haters to acknowledge him as more than just a Soundcloud rapper, a term that has become plastered to up-and-coming Floridian rappers. With his recent studio album, Curry once again pushed the boundaries of expectations. Ta13oo introduced Curry's artistic depth and solidified him as a potent threat in the game. Although it may not have been a chart-topping effort, the three-part project will be remembered as a classic, and Curry potential will only grow. 

It appears that we can expect Curry to satiate his fans with more new music soon. He took to Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 19) to announce that he's currently working on a new album.  "BTW I’m already working on the next album," he wrote to his legion of followers. When one fan responded, asking the rapper to drop the new project tomorrow, Curry responded with a sarcastic agreeance. "Yeah! Why the Fuck not it’s not like I gotta live up to expectations or anything right! 😅," he joked.