The long-awaited rap battle between Flatbush Zombies and Denzel Curry is set to pop off tonight in Miami. With the main event fast approaching, Denzel took some time to issue a warning to his competitors. "Flatbush Zombies," sneers Denzel, in a wrestling-inspired message. "Sounds like three corpses from Brooklyn. They call them Flatbush Zombies for a reason. Cause I'ma haul they ass, ya'll corpses, way back to Brookyln, when I'm finished with you." 

He proceeds to address each Zombie on an individual basis, starting with Juice:"You'll get squeezed." Meechy Darko: "He gon see the light." By Zel's estimation, Erick Arc Elliott doesn't even merit a clever pun. "You have a guy on your team named Erick," he says, wagging his finger in disappointment. 

The "Zeltron Vs. Zombies" rap battle is set to transpire tonight, a "no holds barred death match" for the ages. One must applaud Denzel for taking on three simultaneous foes, especially those as formidable as the Flatbush Zombies. Lord knows Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliott, and Zombie Juice will show no mercy. Are we destined to hear a spirited chant of "Finish em' Zel?" Denzel's confidence speaks volumes.