After piecing together what little information there is to go in, I've deduced that Denzel Curry wasn't the only person at Wireless Fest in London to suffer an injury. Thanks in part to Reddit and Denzel's own Twitter confessional, it's become apparent that a stage dive performed during his set yesterday resulted in a nagging injury, later confirmed(?) as a twisted ankle. 

As the above Tweet goes onto describe without so much as a pre-amble - Denzel Curry has been relegated to a wheelchair due to his twisted ankle. Unlike the crowd that famously "made no attempt" to save Tekashi 6ix9ine from an injurious dive, Curry's mishap comes down to negligible error. His devoted fans would have undoubtedly made a concerted effort to save him, had they been warned of the jump ahead of time. Don't want to take ZXLTRXN at his word... well the following photo opp will surely make a believer out of you. 

Despite his injured state, Denzel Curry has no intention of missing out today's concert obligations towards the Wireless Festival in London, the tourney that A$AP Rocky was forced to cancel upon his 2-week detainment in Sweden. I'm no medical expert, but something tells me Denzel might come to regret this decision! It's not as if he's in peak physical condition at the present moment.