If you know you know. Denzel Curry has been bringing a refreshing dose of lyricism to a more contemporary sonic aesthetic, deftly towing the line between generational divides. Now, Denzel Curry has come through with a reminder of his verbal prowess. During a stop on Power 106, Denzel held it down for a freestyle, proving himself a true student of the game by sliding over a Goodie Mob classic; though some simply recognize Cee Lo Green as the affable judge on The Voice, the fact remains that he was murdering beats in the late nineties and early millennium.

Denzel Curry does honor to Green, Gipp, Khujo & T-Mo's legacy, taking to the instrumental with finesse. Those accustomed to Denzel's vibe are well aware of his geekish tendencies, and his ability to make anything from video game references to the Chronicles Of Narnia sound hard. He continues along those lines, kicking an old-school inspired flow for nearly two minutes of bars. As the session nears conclusion, Denzel goes in acapella, making a strong statement on his stellar 2018 campaign. Funk Flex would be proud.