Denzel Washington reprises his role as the Anti-Hero in the trailer for Equalizer 2. The legendary actor continues the exploration of his Robert McCall character, an ex-CIA operative lured by into the fold by the "Russian Mafia." The first film was well received by fans of the broad genre action and suspense, where it was consequently described by critics as "stylishly violent" before anything else.

Equalizer 2 marks the first time in his illustrious career that Denzel has participated in a sequel, but not his first runaround with director Anthony Duqua. Their partnership is foretold by Denzel's performance as crooked cop in Fuqua's classic Training Day. In first installment of the Equalizer franchise, Denzel's character faked his own death only to return to his "work" with a vengeance. The character of Robert McCall is a character of moral complexity, as his decisions are often weighed up by do or die scenarios.

The trailer which you can stream below, Denzel's Robert McCall boards in the disguise of a beard and skullcap. Once his assailants catch on to his identity, the train deck gets thrown into utter chaos, as the Anti-Hero defends himself using any prop he can get his hands onto. The film hits cinemas in August.