Anthony Joshua suffered the most embarrassing moment of his career last Saturday when he lost his heavyweight belts at the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr who was a 25-1 underdog in the fight. Since then, Joshua has addressed his fans and has even triggered the rematch clause in his contract which means he'll be able to take his belts back in either November or December. Perhaps the biggest loser in this fight though was Deontay Wilder who holds the WBC heavyweight belt. Fans have been anticipating a super fight between Wilder and Joshua but now that the British fighter has been exposed, the earning potential from such a fight has been significantly axed.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Wilder where they asked him about Joshua and what he thought about the fight. That's when decided to take some shots.

"Joshua, I think he's a broken man. Mentally, he's done," Wilder explained. "When you perform that way as a champion? He gave up. He quit."

Afterward, Wilder spoke about the Joshua and Ruiz rematch and even gave his prediction. The Bronze Bomber explained that he thinks Joshua won't actually take the rematch because he knows he'd lose again. In fact, Wilder thinks Joshua is happy he lost because it's completely taken the pressure off of him.

Do you agree with Wilder? Is Joshua's career done or can he come back from this?