Deontay Wilder will fight Tyson Fury for a third time later this year, according to Yahoo Sports.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, RemachAl Bello / Getty Images

Just six days after losing to Fury in dramatic fashion, Wilder has exercised his rematch clause. Top Rank president Todd duBoef confirmed the news to Yahoo Sports.

No date has been set, bu duBoef says it will take place during the summer.

Wilder's trainer Mark Breland, who threw in the towel during the seventh round of last weekend's match, will remain on the fighter's team."I understand that my corner and my team has my best interest at heart. Mark Breland is still a part of team Wilder and our team looks forward to preparing for the rematch," Wilder said in a statement.

Wilder believes that his entrance costume played a major factor in his loss.

"I paid a severe price because my legs were how they were because of my uniform," Wilder told ESPN, according to Complex. "My uniform was way too heavy. It was 40-plus pounds. We had it on 10 or 15 minutes before we even walked out and then put the helmet on. That was extra weight, then the ring walk, then going up the stairs. It was like a real workout for my legs. When I took it off, I knew immediately that the game had changed."