UK Heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua came out and said it outright: a fight with American Heavyweight Deontay Wilder is the fight he wants, "and the fight that should happen." But one stumbling stands in the way, in the shape of fellow Brit Tyson Fury, the lineal champ going head to head with Deontay on December 1st in Los Angeles.

Ever since the tilt was first proposed, Wilder passingly outlined his plans to knock out Tyson Fury, in like manner of previous pre-fight rambles, most of which culminating in a knockout to his credit. 

With the purse decided, and the location booked well in advance, the psychological warfare between is likely to commence, with Anthony Joshua monitoring the situation from close behind. "I have tremendous respect for Fury for agreeing to leave England and come to the U.S. to challenge me," said WBC Champion Deontay Wilder in regards to his opponent. " As much as I respect Fury, I fear no man and fully intend to knock him out like every man that I’ve ever faced in the ring."

Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder are the integral pieces to a rejuvenated Heavyweight Division in boxing, the American owing much of his success to his heavy-handedness, Fury to in-ring deception, and Joshua to his polished skill set. Who do you see coming out on top in a year's time, comment below?