Deontay Wilder has made some head-scratching statements in the days since losing his Heavyweight Championship to Tyson Fury, most notably the bizarre excuse for why he got his ass kicked. In case you missed it, Wilder claims that his legs were weakened due to the 45-pound costume (don't forget the helmet and all the batteries!) that he wore on his walk to the ring in honor of Black History Month.

Fight fans were quick to criticize Wilder immediately after he muttered that ridiculous excuse, and it wasn't long before an old interview surfaced that seemed to contradict his costume defense.

Deontay Wilder Costume

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During a discussion with Joe Rogan in December 2018, Wilder specifically mentioned that he always trains with extra weight on him. In fact, Wilder told Rogan that he wears a 45-pound vest (same weight as the costume!) in everything he does.

“I wear a 45-pound vest on me as well too in all of my exercising and everything I do to have that extra weight on me," Wilder told Rogan of his training regimen in December 2018.

Whether you buy Wilder's excuse or not, he is going to get another crack at Fury this summer as the two heavyweights come face to face for the third time. A date and venue for Wilder-Fury III has not yet been announced but Wilder has already revealed that he intends to exercise his rematch clause later this year.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury

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