Authorities in Greensboro, North Carolina found a stolen semi-trailer truck carrying 18,000 pounds of toilet paper, Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

Toilet Paper, Coronavirus, 18,000 poundsJoe Raedle / Getty Images

"After further investigation, it was determined the 53' foot Hyundai dry-van trailer was reported stolen locally and was being utilized to transport nearly 18,000 pounds of commercial, bathroom paper products ..." the sheriff's office wrote in a statement. "The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time."

After determining the truck was stolen, by methods the department did not disclose, deputies followed the truck to a warehouse off the interstate highway. Only the trailer itself was stolen and the shipment was described as “legitimate cargo going to a legitimate place.”

Police are treating the theft seriously and are not yet releasing the name of the suspect as the issue of toilet paper is “fairly sensitive right now.”

As "shelter in place," various lockdowns and quarantines take effect across the country, toilet paper has been a hot commodity on everyone's shopping list. So much so, that many grocery stores are suffering from serious shortages. If someone is trying to steal 18,000 pounds of the bathroom tissue, police in Greensboro, North Carolina need to get to the bottom of it, fast.