Derek Carr doesn't seem to get a lot of respect in the NFL as far as quarterbacks go. The 2015 and 2016 seasons were solid for Carr and in 2019, he completed over 70 percent of his passes while throwing for over 4,000 yards. Needless to say, these numbers aren't too shabby for a guy that some pundits feel should be replaced.

Regardless, there are still plenty of critics out there who believe Carr was only successful last season because of the fact that the Raiders offense favors checkdown passes as opposed to bombs down the field. In a recent interview with The Athletic, Carr blasted those critics, saying that the Raiders offense is special and that some plays are drawn up for specific players.

Derek Carr

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

“I also love when people say that we only throw checkdowns to Jalen Richard,” Carr said. “But those are called plays for Jalen Richard. You know?! These are plays where we are only running routes to get him the ball. Our yards per attempt and completion are super high and they are only going to get higher and grow higher as we’re adding speed and versatility on our offense. It’s only gonna get better.”

Carr has been known to be defensive in the past. For instance, he once challenged the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to a fight. Hopefully, the critics start to ease off of him before he snaps.