Derek Fisher spent many years playing with the legendary Kobe Bryant and even got to win five championships alongside of him. Bryant tragically past away in January of this year and the basketball world has been mourning his loss ever since. There have been numerous tributes in regards to the Los Angeles Lakers legend and fans have been looking for ways to keep his legacy alive. Meanwhile, Fisher has been relatively silent on Bryant's death as he mourns in his own way.

Today on ESPN's First Take, Fisher decided to speak out on Kobe's passing and opened up about how it has affected him mentally. Fisher admits that has been quite the struggle and that there are good days and bad days. It's when he is reminded of Kobe that he starts to feel that wave of sadness wash over him.

"There have been days and moments where I feel inspired and motivated ... And then there are other days where it is a struggle," Fisher noted. He also made sure to say that his pain can't compare to that of his family. At the end of the day, Fisher shared a bond with Kobe and it is easy to see why he would feel so affected by everything.

Needless to say, it's clear that Kobe had an effect on millions of people, including his teammates that he went to war with.