Derek Fisher and his ex-wife, Candace, are officially done. A judge made their divorce official yesterday, the details from their split have been released, and somewhere Matt Barnes is sporting a smile from ear to ear. 

According to reports, Derek Fisher has agreed to pay his ex-wife $109,000 in spousal support, along with $15,000 per month in child support for their 9-year old twin boys.

For those scoring at home, that means Candace will make out with $1.3M per year now that the two are officially divorced. $1,300,000 PER YEAR IN SPOUSAL SUPPORT.

Fish got burned worse in 28 minutes of divorce court than he did in all of his year's in the NBA, including the time Allen Iverson scorched him

Furthermore, the two also agreed to have their frozen embryos destroyed as part of the divorce settlement. 

The internet, as always, was ruthless.