Kobe Bryant's untimely passing is still shocking to many of us who used to watch him play. He was a transcendent NBA star who will forever live on in our hearts and memories. Over the past few months, numerous athletes and fans have gone to great lengths to pay homage to the legend. Recently, NFL running back Derrick Henry decided to get a tribute of his own, in the form of a diamond chain, according to TMZ.

The chain was made by ZoFrost and contains a total of 35 carats worth of diamonds. This chain is in the shape of Kobe's Nike logo while a Black Mamba snake is wrapped around it. These aesthetics play into Kobe's nickname of the same nomenclature. As you can see from the video below, the chain is shining bright and will certainly be a piece Henry wears frequently.

Henry reportedly paid $85K for the chain which is an amount he can definitely afford. Henry is up for a brand new contract although the Titans recently hit him with the franchise tag since they were worried about him signing somewhere else. It remains to be seen what kind of contract he will get although we're sure it would afford him even more pieces of flashy jewelry.

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