If you hadn't heard of relationship guru Derrick Jaxn before this week, you're not alone. A lot of people are catching up on the author's history following a massive scandal that broke out, which prompted Jaxn to film a seriously cringe-worthy confession video with his wife where he admits to being a serial cheater. In his popular YouTube videos, Jaxn preached that "Black men don't cheat" so his admission that he's a cheater upset the majority of his fanbase.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Jaxn's wife Da'Naia Jackson sat on awkwardly as he apologized for his behavior, wearing a bonnet and seeming as though she were forced to appear on-screen. As they seemingly try to work through this massive wrinkle in their marriage, blogger Tasha K is spilling even more tea on Derrick Jaxn's infidelity. In his apology video, Jaxn claims that he's been faithful for months as he and his wife try to work on their marriage. Tasha K says that much is false, hosting his alleged current mistress, a successful doctor named Nicki, who says all of his recent social clips were filmed in front of her house, claiming that she saw him as recently as last week.

In the latest exposé by Tasha K, the blogger includes a phone call that she had with Derrick Jaxn's alleged mistress, who says the relationship expert got her pregnant last year and tried influencing her not to terminate the pregnancy. Tasha also posted alleged screenshots of the text message conversation between Derrick and Nicki, in which Jaxn attempts to defuse the situation and tells his mistress that he'll show up to her workplace and will not leave until they talk.

This toxic mess is seemingly only getting started. However, Tasha K says that Nicki was served a gag order from Jaxn, so this might be the last time we hear from her.

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