Antonio Brown has been a polarizing figure throughout the NFL over the past few years, although there is no denying his talent. As of right now, Brown isn't on a team but it seems like plenty of franchises are interested in potentially bringing him in. One of those teams is the Seattle Seahawks, who boast the talents of Russell Wilson. Brown posted a video of himself training with Wilson recently, which led to quite a bit of speculation.

However, as of last night, it seems like a new team has entered the fray: the Houston Texans. It all started when former NFL star Chad Johnson tweeted "AB to the Texans." This led to a quick response from Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who came back with a photo of Drake looking through the window of a limo.

As you can imagine, these social media antics led to tons of speculation as to where Brown will go next. Of course, these decisions are ultimately made by the general managers and not the players, so whether or not Brown gets signed remains to be seen.

Regardless, there seems to be a big movement towards getting him on a team, and it looks likely that he will be on the field come September.