Deshaun Watson is currently in the midst of a season with the Houston Texans, where the team is looking to prove the doubters wrong in light of their slow start. However, it appears as though Watson will now have to deal with a legal battle off of the field. According to ABC News, Watson is being sued by a photographer by the name of Aaron M Sprecher, who is accusing the quarterback of using his photos without any permission.

As Sprecher claimed in legal documents, Watson has used the photos Sprecher has taken of him, on numerous occasions. The photos have been particularly used on Watson's Instagram, with the pictures amassing hundreds of thousands of likes. Sprecher typically licenses his photos to AP, and as Sprecher claimed, he doesn't think Watson got the permission necessary.

Deshaun Watson

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

“Since it has happened many times, he finally felt he had no choice but to retain our firm to help him resolve this matter,” Sprecher’s attorney said. “We think it is unfortunate that it came to this point, but we hope that the issue can get resolved quickly and amicably, as Mr. Sprecher certainly has no intention of making this simple matter any more contentious than necessary.”

For now, Sprecher has not made clear how much money he is looking to gain from the lawsuit. Stay tuned for updates in regards to this story as we will be sure to bring them to you.