Desiigner signed to G.O.O.D. Music at the height of his popularity, releasing "Panda" and earning a couple of features on The Life Of Pablo. The last half-decade of his career has been a whirlwind as, today, he's no longer signed to the label and is independently releasing music. He's still got a following but it's nowhere near as large as when "Panda" released.

Throughout his career, people have compared the rapper to Future, even claiming that he "bit" the Atlanta superstar's flows and delivery. It's undeniable that, in some of Desiigner's songs, he sounds a bit like Fewtch. Still, he's managed to make a career in music and has stuck around until now.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

This weekend, 21 Savage called out several unnamed rappers (*cough* Lil Pump and Doe Boy *cough*) for biting his "Yessirskiii" hook, asking for 50% profit from anybody who uses a "Yessirskiii" chorus in the future. Desiigner slid into his replies to agree with Sav, telling him that he's also dealt with his fair deal of rappers stealing his swag.

"Same a lot of people use my sound effect," said Desiigner. As you can imagine, people came flying at him with laughter about how he might be a little delusional.

"N***a, then u gotta pay Future," said one fan. "Pay Pluto," said another.

Nearly all of the replies to Desiigner's tweet are calling him out for this take. Do you think that Desiigner influenced other artists with his sound effects?