A day after releasing quite possibly his most polished record since "Panda," Desiigner is making allusions to A) frustration B) not getting enough support C) wanting to leave his label in the dust. In the first of two Tweets, he suggests that his days with Def Jam, with whom he signed in 2016, under the presumption that he'd work exclusively under Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music subsidiary. Things haven't exactly gone as planned.

On several occasions, Desiigner had announced new material, only to duck out and offer "extenuating health concerns" and things of that nature, as an excuse for his tardiness. With that said, it's entirely possible that Desiigner wasn't even at fault, and was only acting out of good faith, when duck and weaved (in the past). Users on Reddit seems to be in some sort of agreement over the inadequacy of Desiigner's promotional push.

Whatever the case may be,Desiigner feels unsupported by those entrusted with his continued success (on some level). "Been Doing A lot By myself For Long Time . When You Got A Team Everyone Post To Ride Out," he Tweeted minutes after first making the first allusion to "wanting out" of his deal. The pattern of his distress call is eerily similar to the warning signs posted by Lil Uzi Vert before he called it quits.