The human Energizer bunny known as Desiigner got on Instagram Live Monday to turn up the rap world. The Brooklyn emcee went to the West Coast to produce some music and was so ecstatic about his newly-produced song, "Outlet," that he premiered it on social media.

Smiling and smoking on camera while producer Mike Dean struts around an L.A. studio like a man who'd been working for days, the "Timmy Turner" spitter performed a quick freestyle. He then urged his fans to tune in to his IG channel and spread the word about his new track.

"Yo come on, we in the building, man. Keep this shit going up man. Make this shit viral. Tell your uncle, your granddaddy," he said. He sent shoutouts to Snoop Dogg and YG before revealing what he and his team had been cooking in the studio. Watch Desiigner bump to "Outlet" below.