Future seems to really be in love with his new girlfriend, rapper Dess Dior, gushing about the gift that she gave him out of nowhere. Posting a video on Instagram Stories, Future declared that "Big Dess" gave him the "best gift ever".

Dess Dior got Future a brand new chain, which he proudly showed off on social media. The piece features a picture of his grandmother Emma Jean Boyd, who passed away at the beginning of this year. The sentimental gift may have gotten Future emotional, adding a crying emoji to the post.

Future has been more open than usual in sharing content with his girlfriend. Dess, an Atlanta-based rising star, has seemingly been everything that Future wanted and more, and fans are hoping their relationship lasts a long time. Still, Future is well aware that much of his core fanbase doesn't want him to be in a happy relationship. He recently said as much during an interview with Roddy Ricch, telling the rapper, "If I try to be a good guy right now, they won’t want that. 'Where’s the bad Future at?' Then I [become] that, and my concerts sell out. You start talking about [being] in love, and they get mad at me. I be like, 'What the f*ck, y’all don’t want me to be in love?'"

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Do you want Future to find love, or are you secretly hoping things go wrong between him and Dess Dior?